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Hey Brantford, wanna play something?

We’ve opened our doors to every facet of nerd culture we can fit into our little shop. Inside, we’ve got tabletop games, wargames, a community comic shelf, treats and continuous streaming of Twitch, cartoons and our favorite media. We’ve been described as a hang out – and that’s exactly what we’re trying to be. It’s an place where you can find new hobbies, meet new people and play all kinds of new games. Come join the fun, internet!

We've got a pretty rad podcast, too.

Oh yeah, we podcast too. We’re proud to be (as far as we know) Brantford’s biggest nerd-centric podcast. Every day we’re generating more ideas for content and booking new interviews with people from all over town. Our show is based on the stuff we love to chat about – games, shows, philosophy and more. We’re trying our best to put an honest, interactive and immersive show out onto the internet, to represent Brantford’s nerd community. Wanna hear?

The place is really nice to just get away and play games with your friends or even people you don't know. Everyone that is there is just so nice! Especially the people that work there. I will be going here a lot and I recommended everyone to try it out.

-Logan Young, Facebook.

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